Other than destroying the beautiful views (and the mountain itself) how is mountain top removal so bad?



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    Mountaintop removal mining causes damage to the environment through the massive transport trucks in and out of the area. It affects the biodiversity of the area and involves the clear-cutting of forests prior to mining. Blasting at MTR sites also expels coal dust and fly-rock into the air, which contains sulfur compounds that corrode structures nearby and is a health hazard.

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    Apart from those things, mountain top removal requires a good amount of blasting which disperses coal dust and other particulate debris into the atmosphere. This is harmful to the surrounding environment and the health of people living in the area.

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    Mountain top mining is often done because it is cheap for many mining companies. Other than destroying scenic views and the mountain itself mountain top mining also damages the environment by clear cutting forests, destroying wildlife habitat, using explosives which can cause significant wildlife disturbance, degrades local water quality, pollutes local water sources, and creates pollution in local valleys. Mountain top mining has destroyed more than 1,200 miles of Appalachia’s streams, 7 percent of the local forests, and has leveled more than 800 square miles of mountain ecosystems.

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