Other than covering it with plants do you need to do anything for a green wall?



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    For a true green wall – or a ‘living wall’ – you’ll need at least two panels to line the wall that are made of soil/compost which you can then plant plants into. This is also called ‘vertical gardening’ and it’s a great alternative for providing your home with insulation. Follow the link below for more information.

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    Green walls can be either free-standing or part of a building, and they are partially or completely covered with vegetation.  In some cases there is also soil or an inorganic growing medium.  Green walls can be facades or living walls.  The facades are made up of climbing plants that are either growing directly on the wall or, there may be specially designed supporting structures.  So for the green facades you do not need anything other than the plants which would be rooted in the ground.  With the living wawll – modular panels are made up of stainless steel containers, geotextiles, irrigation systems, a growing medium and the vegetation.  See examples below:

    Vertical Garden: Includes irrigation, growing medium and vegetationVertical Garden: Includes irrigation, growing medium and vegetation

    Green Wall: Green Wall in MadridGreen Wall: Green Wall in Madrid

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    If you are planning on having the plants actually grow out of the wall and not up it, you will need an apparatus of some sort to hold the soil. You could make one yourself but you will have to think about how you will water the plants once the structure is complete. Kits can be purchased online with all materials provided. 

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