Other than the color of your urine how can you tell if your dehydrated?



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    There are several symptoms that accompany dehydration. In addition to dark urine, symptoms include dry or sticky mouth, lethargy, coma (with severe cases), little to no amount of urine, the absence of tears, sunken eyes, a sunken fontanelle in cases with infants (the soft spot on top of the head), vomiting, and diarrhea. Some may also feel that they cannot keep food down. Low blood pressure, rapid heart rate, and shock are also signs of dehydration.

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    Mild to moderate dehydration can cause the following symptoms: dry, sticky mouth, sleepiness (especially in young children), thirst, dry skin, headache, constipation, and/or dizziness.

    Severe dehydration, which is classified as being a medical emergency, include the following symptoms: extreme thirst, irritability, confusion, very dry mouth and skin, lack of sweating, little or no urine output, sunken eyes, low blood pressure, rapid breathing and heartbeat, fever, and in very severe cases, delirium or unconsciousness.

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    Some of the most common symptoms of mild to moderate dehydration include dry mouth, tiredness, and dizziness. In more extreme cases, if you find you’re drinking a lot of fluids and still not going to the bathroom regularly, you could be dehydrated. 

    It’s important to stay hydrated and WebMD has a cool article that shows ways other than drinking water to get hydrated. Eating fruit can help hydrate you. Even hamburgers or chicken breast are a good alternative to water (in moderation). 

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