Other than coal and nuclear water are some other fossil fuel driven power plants?



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    Fossil fuels are fuels derived from fossilized remains of living organisms, and they include coal, natural gas and oil.  All three of these can be used to generate power in thermal power plants.  In thermal power plants, fossil fuels may be used to heat water into steam, which spins a turbine, and produces electricity.  By far the most common fuel used in thermal power plants is coal, which accounts for over 40% of the world’s electricity.  Natural gas is also frequently used in thermal power plants, and oil is used relatively infrequently.  Natural gas can also be used to generate electricity without water.  In this case, the gas itself is used to spin the turbines.

    As for nuclear power, nuclear energy is not derived from fossil fuels, however nuclear energy can also be used in thermal power plants.  In these plants, heat is produced by nuclear fission, rather than by burning fossil fuels.

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