Other than carbon what is the worst chemical for global warming?



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    I found that water vapor is the most common green house gas and also has the biggest impact with 36-72% of heat is trapped by it. Second is carbon dioxide, with 9-26% contribution to global warming, methane is third with 4-9% and ozone is forth 3-7%. 

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    The compounds, known as greenhouse gases, that are of concern are ones that naturally occur in the atmosphere. In fact, greenhouse gases are part of what make earth a hospitable place to live. So, compounds such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water vapor –all greenhouse gases mentioned in the response above–are not innately dangerous for the atmosphere, but rather the problem stems from humans significantly modifying the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere. They function in a unique way, letting light and heat from the sun reach earth, but “trapping” a portion of that heat so that it cannot escape back to the atmosphere. While water vapor is the most prevalent, methane is the most potent–effectively trapping 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide.

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