Other than captain planet who was a green super hero?



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    Depending on how you look at it, many of them were green in some way or another…
    Wonderwoman for instance could fly without the use of an airplane (no carbon emissions), Spiderman also did not use vehicles but rather webs as a means of transportation, which if my memory serves me correctly, disintegrated and left no waste (biodegradable), making him untraceable.
    Green Lantern had an awesome ring given to him by aliens which allowed him the power to do whatever he possessed the will to do, with NO carbon emissions…even with space travel…

    But, more along the lines of what you are asking for, AquaMan was a superhero who became the spokesman for the ocean and protected it from any harm, including pollutants and toxins that would threaten sea creatures and the ecosystem. In many episodes, he had to battle powerful CEO’s and politicians from building transoceanic bridges and/or dumping pollutants and toxins into the ocean.

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    There is a man in San Antonio who is a civil engineer for the military by day and the superhero ‘Michael Recycle’ by… well, also by day, but other days, and at schools. He has a one man campaign to encourage kids to recycle, and has made his own comic strip series which chronicles the environmentally friendly adventures of Michael Recycle. Follow the attached citation to find out how to get your hands on the series and read more about this everyday superhero!

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