Is Osmocote dangerous for birds?



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    Osmocote should not be dangerous to animals if used as directed on the packaging. Always follow the directions given by the company in order to use their products safely. If you are still concerned about the affect of Osmocote on birds I would contact the company that makes it directly and ask them about this products affect on birds. It’s possible they will have done research that they can give you information on in terms of Osmocotes affect on animals if incorrectly used.

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    I had the very same question because after sprinkling these dead ringers for birdseed near my bird feeding area, I panicked. So I called Osmocote┬« and got transferred to Scott┬« which apparently is part of MiracleGro┬« — they are all the same company. What the rep told me was exactly as greenveganyogini  said in her answer. But I pressed for a better definiton of what “according to directions” means. Basically, the answer is YES — Osmocote is indeed harmful to birds. But the company rep told me that “they would have to eat quite a bit of it,” so we don’t recommend putting it into a bird feeder or a bird house. (And I was like, “what’s HUD spelled backwards, dude?”) I did not press for a clearer definiton of “quite a bit of it,” but I don’t think I have to. This stuff (per listed ingredients) is not good for birds to eat. And it looks just like birdseed.

    I watered vigorously around affected areas and drove the pellets into and under decaying material as best I could. I also sprinkled a layer of grass cuttings around the areas. I’ll be more thoughtful before I go casting this stuff about.

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      Thanks for this input. I expected as much. Where I use it is far from the bird feeders but also covered by many fallen leaves so I insure that the product cannot be seen. I use it because its slow release is less hazardous to ground water.

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