Is osb safe to use in child’s room



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    I think the Order of Saint Benedict is safe to use in most rooms. Ooooh! You mean Oriented Strand Board!

    The first URL below says that OSB has better shear strength, is (slightly) less expensive, does not have soft spots the way plywood does, and is often made from smaller (often farmed) trees. That means less pressure on old growth trees. From an ecological standpoint, OSB is a winner — in that way.

    A disadvantage to OSB mentioned is that edges can expand by 15% if wet, potentially affecting the wood attached to it, as well. So, as far as a very young kid is concerned, you wouldn’t want them around an OSB surface that was exposed to the wet.

    There’s good news and bad news about the outgassing of the toxic compounds used in the wood. It’s pretty certain at this point that the risk was overestimated. (After all, plywood and particle board use glue, too.) However the second article states it could still be a problem with people who are very chemically sensitive. So you need to reasearch, and to consider your situation. In the second URL, note the link to TECO which is an independent (and green) certification agency.

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