Is organizing my office an eco friendly thing to do?



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    Organizing anything to make it more efficient can lead to changes of a green nature down the road. For example, you could get fed up with how much paper you have to dispose of, and decide to re-use paper, or find that the shredded paper you make could be a great source for a compost pile! Ok, ok, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration, but you could start to use your lights less if you put your desk by the window and use passive solar energy for lighting. And maybe you will use a smaller waste basket and instead make a recycling bin which will make you think twice about throwing everything away.

    The book, A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander describes how there are generic patterns for all the everyday things people do, and it’s essentially the same worldwide. Tapping into the way things are done and inserting some environmental principles in there can help save a lot n the global struggle for the Earth.


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