Is organic tobacco any safer than ordinary tobacco?



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    Organic cigarettes are no safer than ordinary cigarettes. Organic cigarettes can still lead to lung cancer, stroke, heart attack and the usual problems that come with smoking.

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    One possible advantage that organic tobacco may have is a lack of additives. Most cigarette tobacco is really a paper that is made from ground tobacco and several other potentially harmful substances pressed together, then cut again and rolled into the cigarettes available at your local quickie mart. The lack of additives means that there are potentially fewer carcinogenic substances in the tobacco.

    However, saying that organic tobacco is safer is a bit like saying a .22 caliber bullet is safer than a .38 caliber bullet. If someone aims either at your head, they will probably kill you. As the previous poster noted, organic tobacco still contains chemicals linked to cancer, circulatory and respiratory issues, and other problems. I am an occasional tobacco user, and for my money, American Spirits and other like brands that offer organic or “natural” tobacco aren’t worth the extra $2 a pack.

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    Tobacco is tobacco and extremely hazardous to your health. Heck, even if it weren’t tobacco, smoking any substance (tobacco, marijuana, other drugs) causes smoke damage to your lungs. The only instance I’d recommend organic tobacco is if you’re addicted to cigarettes so badly you’re positive you’d be unable to quit.  In that case, organic is probably the better choice.  But as mjkonopisos said, both are quite harmful.

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    Something that hasn’t been mentioned is how Radon effects the human body. Radon is found in soil, which is then found in plants. When it is inhaled as a gas, not only is it radioactive but it has a direct link to lung cancer. Radon is found in any plant that is smoked thus inhaled. No matter if its grown organically or not, it still comes from the ground and it still has radon.

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