Is organic makeup affordable?



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    Often, organic makeup is costly, which is one of the reasons that many people don’t use it. However, as many more people switch to organic products, the increased demand will lead to decreased prices. Until then, here are some of the cheaper and still quality organic makeup products: Affordable means different things to everyone, but these products can be found at Target, Wal-Mart and other drug stores. If you are in the market for an increased selection, high quality makeup stores such as Ulta, The Body Shop, and Origins offer a great selection of organic makeup products.

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    Makeup in general can be extremely afforable to extremely expensive! It depends a lot on the brand and where you buy it, which is often correlated (i.e. think of Sephora’s makeup vs. Walgreens). However, don’t get to thinking to have “good” makeup it has to be expensive. You need to think, before price and brand, what is good for your skin (i.e. skin type). Often, before I invest in a good foundation or other products I check the reviews on It’s a good cosmetic website and you can check if people with your similar ethnicity and skin type liked the product – or didn’t. I’m becoming more green with my cosmetics so I check websites to see the hazard level.

    I know in  most local drugstores you can find brands like Physican’s Formula that is great. Wet N’ Wild also recently came out with lip tints that are under $2 that are certified organic by the USDA. Also, check out the Say Yes to Carrots brand.

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    (though i dont like  make up πŸ˜› : P πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› :P)

    no loss 4 me

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