Is organic farming more expensive than regular farming?



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    Yes, generally speaking, organic farming is costlier because of the limits on what kinds of products organic farmers can use. Limits on pesticides mean more hand-weeding and higher losses of crops to pests that non-organic farmers don’t have to worry about. Organic farmers also use compost and manure for fertilizer, which is bulkier and costlier to ship than inorganic alternatives. For organic farmers raising livestock, organic feed can cost twice as much as conventional feed. 

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    Yes, organic farming is more expensive. Animal feed costs more and animal manure or compost, used instead of chemical fertilizers, is also more expensive to ship. Organic farmers must also work harder to produce their crops as they do not have the aid of pesticides, herbicides or any other chemical added to the crops.  Using specific bugs or birds and having to do their own weeding, organic farmers must tend to their crops at a greater frequency than traditional farming. The production costs of organic farming are felt at the supermarket. 

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    In general, yes, organic farming costs the farmers more, and therefore costs consumers more. Yet, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Using industrial farming methods without chemical pesticides or fertilizers can be debilitatingly expensive. But, using more of a garden model with ecological awareness of which plants complement eachother by preventing pests from taking over and nutrients from being sucked out of the soil can be less expensive in the long run as it keeps your land from being degraded. Organic farming was cost efficient for farmers for all of human history until the middle of the 20th Century, when chemical production became cheap and widespread. Since then, farmlands have been producing cheap foods in unprecedented quantity, but we are all feeling the ecological cost.

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