on the organic farming how can we control pest without using chemical pest controls?



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    Check out some information related to permaculture. Permaculture looks at how different
    components interact in nature and implements this in design of gardens, construction,
    etc. Some methods of pest management include companion planting. Some plants
    attract insects that eat the insects attracted by other plants. Other people plant onions,
    garlic, and marigolds throughout the land to act as natural pesticides. There are also plants
    known as sacrificial plants, which you place throughout the land. This plants attract pests
    and the pests attack these plants rather than the ones you want to grow. Other things you
    can do are set up environments that will attract frogs, lizards, salamanders, and snakes who
    will eliminate pests as well. Right now my family is scattering ashes on our garden bed borders to deter snails and slugs, but a much more efficient way of keeping these pests in check (especially if you have a larger area of land)
    is letting some ducks wander around the property. Other people use chickens as well. You
    don’t want them wandering around though if you have small plants still.

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    There are many way for a gardener to control pests organically.  The most important thing is to practice crop rotation and companion planting.  Both of these practices utilize the unique characteristics of different types of plants to ward off pests naturally.  Planting the same crop in the same place over and over again will invariably allow pests associated with that crop to establish themselves permanently in that spot.  By moving crops around, you prevent pests from settling in.  Companion planting is a practice by which certain plants that are known to ward off certain pests are planted next to plants that are particularly suceptible to that same pest.

    Another method of organic pest control is to attract birds, beetles and other predators that will eat up unwanted pests.

    Homemade traps and sprays made from common kitchen items (such as garlic, vinegar, hot peppers and herbs), can also help minimize the number of bugs and fungi eating up your plants.

    Another key to preventing root rotting diseases is to maintain proper soil drainage.

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