Is organic dog food safe to eat?



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    Safe? Yes. To be commercially viable, standards for dog food, organic or otherwise, is within the range for human consumption. Tasty? Hmm. Let me know if you ever find out. 🙂

    On a personal note, I do recall a documentary which showed dog food being taste tested by humans before, and it seemed vaguely like a pretty regular thing for them, so I’m inclined to just believe that it is based off of that, and kind of weirded out to think people get paid to eat dog food!

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    All dog food should technically be safe for people to eat (there is nothing dogs can eat that humans cannot) however I certainly wouldn’t recommend it.

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    Organic dog food is safe to eat in small quantities, but the amounts of protein that dogs require are in excess of what most humans do. However, the ingredients in the food (as long as they exclude bone meal – which can tear stomach lining) is safe for human consumption. Again, I wouldn’t recommend eating dog food due to the different nutritional requirements. 

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