is organic beef a lot more expensive?



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    Organic beef is more expensive due to a variety of factors.

    • Organic beef is in smaller demand than regular beef, keeping prices higher.
    • It is more expensive to raise organic beef – larger corporations raising regular beef cows have a much less cost per cow, at the price of harmful hormones and toxic chemicals.
    • It’s harder to produce large amounts of organic beef to sell at one time, making it a bit harder to come by – driving prices up.  Regular beef can be mass produced, making it much cheaper. 
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    The average price per pound of non-organic beef is $4.28, and organic beef is closer to $5 per pound. Not a huge variance, but it can add up over time. If more people purchased organic beef, that price difference would close up a bit.

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    Short answer: yes.  Yes it is.  However, one possible solution is to support efforts to make factory farms safer.  Below is a website you can visit that is working to bring safe, cruelty-free meat to the masses! 

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