Is ordering a pizza for delivery better or worse for the environment than getting food for your family at a fast food restaurant?



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    This is one of those, “it depends” questions.  It could be better, or worse, depending on what you are eating instead, where you are getting it, and how many other deliveries in your neighborhood the pizza delivery person is making.  If you are picking up salads (no cooking on a stove or sitting under a heat lamp required) from a fast food place on your way home from work, it is probably better to do that.  Or, if you can accomplish some other errand you need to do anyway on the same trip, fast food pick up might be better.  However, if your neighborhood happened to order 10 pizzas for delivery at the same time, the delivery might be better.  Without calculating exactly where all the ingredients came from, and the distance driven combined with the energy required to cook the food, you can’t say definitely which is the better option.

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