Is orange juice healthier for you if it includes pulp?



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    Yes.pulp has fiber which promotes good digestion.

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    Yes, if you think about the fact that whole fruit is better for you than just the juice of the fruit because the fruit is complete in itself than it would make sense that the pulpier the juice is, the healthier it is.  Basically the pulpier the juice, the more of the original whole fruit it contains.  

    Specifically for orange juice though, when an orange is juiced, the pulp goes away.  In an orange, the pulp contains flavonoids which support specific metabolic transactions within the body.  What’s more is that the pulp also contains most of the fruit’s vitamin C.  Flavonoids and vitamin C create a dream team of support and disease fighting power so the more the juice is stripped of the pulp, the most it is stripped of all its healthful benefits.

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