Is online shopping for groceries better for the environment?



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    I personally don’t think so. Shopping online for groceries seem convenient, but the packages that come along with it and transportation needed seem more wasteful than thoughtful for the environment. Plus, online shopping for food and groceries in general doesn’t seem reliable because you can’t personally pick out the products yourself. However, this is just my opinion.

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    I agree with nutellatortilla.  Shopping online only increases the amount of transportation needed to get you your groceries.  Granted, the groceries that you buy at the store travel a long way to get there usually, there is always the option of buying locally at a farmers market or food co-op.  I would really try to stay as local as you possibly can when buying food, or anything for that matter.  

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    I think I might have to disagree. Since my Mom is disabled, she has been using an online grocery service called to do her food shopping. When they bring the grocery bags to the door, there is no extra packaging, only the same plastic bags people typically get from the grocery store. Of course, you can’t really use reusable bags with an online service, but at least Peapod will take your bags back and recycle them.

    As for the transportation issue, I think online grocery services reduce the amount of car travel to and from the store (unless you live in a city and can walk to a grocery store). The grocery trucks can fill multiple orders at one time and go from house to house, eliminating some of the back and forth between home and store. Of course, walking to a farmer’s market would be the ideal green option, but you can still choose local products on an online order.

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