Is online gaming as bad as console gaming?



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    Well, all things considered I’d say console gaming is worse for the environment. It takes more materials than just a game played on a computer one might already have, not to mention the game packaging and distribution. Online gaming seems like it would use fewer materials than console gaming, therefore would be better for many reasons. I could be wrong though, this just makes the most sense unless there’s actual statistical data to prove otherwise. 

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    Good question. Energy usage is less concerned with whether the game is played on a console or a computer, but whether the game uses the Internet to transfer information.  It does take energy to surf the web and download large files, as well as tranfering large amounts of information in a game online. It may not always be a large amount of energy consumed, but that would be the differentiating factor.

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    It actually depends on what you are using if you are yousing a regular desktop computer its constaantley pluged in but if you were to use a laptop it uses less energy because it is not constantly plugged in like a gameing station and a desktop computer

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