one Trick tank saves how many gallons of water



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    That’s a tricky question.

    A “trick tank” is a tank to feed animals that’s covered to avoid evaporation (and pollution), so that animals can’t drink naturally from the top, but instead use a smaller basin that dispenses water to them.

    Well and good.

    Unfortunately, your question has a problem. Lolol. The answer is that it saves anywhere from 0% to 100%, depending on how long the water was going to sit around before being drunk. In a household dog situation, a dog might end up drinking a small bowl dry in a day. Water saved? Not much. In a wilderness situation, an ineffectively placed trick tank might get almost no visitors before it evaporates. Water saved? Not much. But in a hopefully typical situation, the animals do get water, perhaps over a period of months, when a simple bowl of water would have evaporated in a couple weeks.

    So maybe the trick tank in ideal situations saves 90% of the water from evaporation.

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