One of my baby dragons does not seem to be growing

I have recently purchased 2 baby dragons, one is male and one is female. They seem to get along well and seem happy in their habitat. We have had them for almost 2 weeks, and in that time the female has doubled in size while the male has only grown a very tiny amount. The female will consume several crickets while the male is content with just a few. I have taken the female out to see if the male will eat more but he doesn’t. He eats what he eats and the crickets can crawl on him and he has no interest. The male hasn’t shed yet and the female has, and their colours are very different. Do I have anything to worry about or is the female growing quicker because she is eating more.(Also the female eats greens while the male doesnt bother with them)



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    I’m sorry; I’m pretty sure that you don’t mean dragon as in fairy book dragons, but I’m at a loss as to which sort of animal you might mean. If you could provide more info as to what type of animal it is, then we could figure something out. If all else fails, you can take your animal to a vet if you are truly worried. If you’re doing this for the “lol”s, then kindly direct your question to a site based around fantasy, rather than one based in reality. Thanks!

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    It seems from what I am reading that you need to supplement their feedings with calcium and you should work on weaning them from crickets and start switching them to a vegetable diet only feeding them crickets every so often. In the link below there is a ton of info on caring for dragons in general with a good section on caring for baby dragons.

    It says that if they have a calcium deficiency it can stunt their growth so I would start there. If you need help I am sure that the store you purchased them would be able to help you out. Good luck they look like a really fun pet to have.

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