Once we create a dead zone in the ocean can we fix it?



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    We can, but it’s difficult. The dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is actually exanding despite attempts to fix it. The problem is, in order to fix it there needs to be a reduction in nitrogen and phosphorous used that’s ending up in the rivers and then going to the ocean. While some states have signed agreements to limit the amount, not many are following through.

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    Smaller Dead Zones can be remedied if the right measures are taken.  To reduce or eliminate a dead zone, the source of the chemicals causing the algal blooms that lead to the initial die off must be eliminated.  These solutions can be implemented by reducing or removing industrial and agricultural run off that tends to be nitrate and phosphorus rich (from fertilizers and other compounds), either by not allowing them to flow into riparian systems or by treating the chemicals and removing the growth compounds in the first place.

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