Once termites are in your house how do you get rid of them?



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    Considering that termites are a problem that need to be dealt with immediately, don’t waste any time.  The best way to evict those pests is to call a professional exterminator which should ensure quality results.  There are also a number of products available to purchase, but don’t get cheap and buy the termite killer at the dollar store.  Termites can nearly destroy your home; spending the extra $20 may end up saving you thousands in the future.  Once the termites are eradicated, take some prevention steps to avoid future problems.

    Repair any water leaks or dripping outside faucets .

    Control roof water by correcting gutter problems.

    Correct grading and other drainage problems near the foundation.

    Remove or elevate all wood in direct contact with soil, such as a stack of firewood.

    Inspect, repair or cover all foundation vents with insect screening.

    Caulk your home’s exterior to fill all cracks, especially between the foundation and house wall.

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