Once stimulus money runs out will our green job market be able to sustain itself?



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    Once stimulus money runs out, the green market will have to sustain itself.  Not only do they need to maintain business for their own sake, but they also need to succeed for the sake of the environment.  It is to the benefit of everyone that these green businesses be supported if we wish to make significant change in our lifestyles.  Without a major shift to green industry, the earth simply won’t be able to sustain itself under the pressures of our currently destructive system.

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    I think there is enough interest in the environment from the government and the general public to help the green job market sustain itself after the stimulus money runs out.  There is a rise in private investment for research and commercialization of green technology as well as an interest by the government to help the general outlook of the environment of the future.  I have a feeling that a lot of the green jobs out there right now are already sustaining themselves without the help of stimulus packages such as private and public companies that get their investment from places other than the government.

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