Once a species has been on the endangered species list can it ever make a full recovery?



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    it is quite possible for endangered species to get their numbers back to a healthy status. When a species is put on the endangered list, it often provides a way for environmental agences and sometimes the government to step in and make changes that could potentially save the species.

    The Peregrine falcon is a great example of this. The numbers of these falcons fell to only 20 known pairs in 1964 due to the widespread use of the pestecide DDT which greatly affects birds of prey. The Peregrine was added to the endangered species list in 1970 and the use of DDT in the United States was banned in 1972. This, combined with the hard work of some scientists, saved the Peregrine and there are thought to be nearly 6,000 of them in North America today. 

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