Once clothes have really been worn out, and it would be inappropriate to donate them, what are some ideas with what to do with them?

ie, like socks, etc..



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    I think the best answer to this problem is to get crafty. Try making things out of old clothes and just use the fabric as best you can so as not to be wasteful. Also, old clothes (t-shirts, for example) can make perfectly acceptable rags for cleaning. Really, anything you can think of is fine; trying to get the most use out of materials is always a good idea. 

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    There are lots of things you can do with your worn out clothes, and an Internet search will be far more comprehensive than the things I can list here.  Some creative ideas that I found are:

    -Wrap small gifts.

    -Make a cushion for your pet.

    -Use them as cleaning rags.

    -Make toys (puppets, dolls, etc.).


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