Is olive oil better for the environment than regular canola oil?



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    There have been recent studies that have shown that canola oil releases more toxic fumes into the air than olive oil during the frying of food. The is specifically the case when frying at a temperature that is higher than 350 degrees F. It is recommended by the University of Dayton (2008) to cook with olive oil whenever possible and to avoid the use of all oils when cooking at a temperature that is higher than 350 degrees F.

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    The production of olive oil can have some negative environmental effects. Soil erosion is a serious side effect of olive farming and is leading to desertification in some areas. The places where olives are grown are already often prone to soil erosion, but when this is combined with poor farming practices like bad soil management and wee control, the problem can get out of hand. Olive farming also produces a considerable amount of contaminated run-off that gets into local water sources.

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