Older queen palm. Wind blew over middle frond. Can I cut it off?

Will this kill the palm tree?



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    Here’s some good advice from http://www.botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com/queen-palm-tree.html

    Here’s how to trim queen palm trees:

  2. Use a pruning saw to cut the dead frond off about three inches from the trunk. Wear heavy gloves to protect your hands and avoid damaging the trunk of the tree as you work.

  3. Don’t remove fronds that are still green, the tree needs those.

  5. Remove all debris from around the base of the palm to protect it from any insects or disease the debris may be harboring.
  6. *If the fronds that need trimming are so high up on the tree that you would need to climb a ladder to reach them, get a service to come out. They have the experience to do the job safely.

    Gardening is great fun, but it’s not worth the risk of falling off a ladder.

    Cleaning up all the debris the palm drops onto the ground is the primary maintenance task and one of the biggest queen palm tree problems.

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