Is old vegetable oil considered a biofuel?



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    Used vegetable oil is indeed a biofuel. It is what makes biodiesel. There are lots of guides on the internet for converting a diesel car to run on biodiesel…it’s cheaper, and burns cleaner than standard diesel.

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    A fuel is considered a biofuel if it comes from biomass–trees, soybeans, corn etc–so vegetable oil certainly came from a plant and so it can be considered a biofuel.

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    Old vegetable oil isn’t considered a biofuel until it is refined.  Once it is processed, it then requires an engine that can eat the oil to work properly.  It may be a tricky process for now, but in the long run, it will be much healthier for the environment than fossil fuels. 

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    In addition to using old vegetable oil to make biodiesel to run a diesel engine, old vegetable oil (and biodiesel) makes a GREAT turbine fuel. It could therefore also be used as a fuel in power plants, aircraft, or (if they become popular) gas turbine hybrid automobiles. Vegetable oil and biodiesel also generally require less refining and burn cleaner in turbine engines than in diesel engines. However, regardless of what kind of engine it is used in, there remains the problem of availability. As things stand now, few people use vegetable oil as an energy source. But if even a few more people used it, supplies would rapidly become scarce,

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