Is old growth logging worse than any other type of logging?



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    Old growth forests are ancient forest ecosystems that have survived for centuries without being cleared by humans or natural processes.  Old growth supports many plant and animal species that cannot survive in younger forests, making the conservation of old growth especially important.  Add to that the fact that we’ve already lost a huge amount of old growth worldwide, and that it takes old growth ecosystems centuries to regenerate, and preserving the last stands of ancient forests becomes clearly very important.  Logging old growth forests has a much larger impact on threatened species and natural ecosystems than does the logging of younger forests.

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    Most logging is bad because it cuts down the forest, takes homes from animals, and exposes the land to erosion and drying.

    Old growth logging cuts down trees that are hundreds of years old. Obviously, it has taken a very long time for this tree to grow and it is likely very large in size. It is probably home to many different species of animals and perhaps some epiphytic plants. These areas are typically more difficult to access, meaning roads must be built and other land destroyed to access them – this leads to further destruction.

    When an old growth forest is cut it is lost forever. It took hundreds of years for the trees to grow and the conditions to be just right. Once the forest is cut, the ecosystem is destroyed and will not come back in our life times, if ever!

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