Ok, so I was at Borders last night and saw a discount book on the solar system which still had Pluto as one of the planets….does anyone else miss pluto?

I know its still there, but still…. now its just like a floating rock….not a planet. Well i’ll always remember Pluto as a planet



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    I will always think of our solar system as being one of nine planets. As technology improves it is inevitable that scientific hypothesis that we socially held as truth will be changed. But yeah, we apparently now have  8 planets plus 4 dwarf planets in our solar system.

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    I learned the order of the plantes as My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas…..without Pluto we get no pizza 🙁

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    Its fascinating how our understanding of self and our sense of place in this Universe can change so quickly and with something that has such a small impact on our daily lives, such as the status of large rock in space. It goes to show how unsettling it can be when ther are major changes in worldview, particularly when “science” makes discoveries that are counter to popular understanding of the way the world works. But ultimately, even the most knowledgable amongst us are still so ignorant when it comes to the myserteries of how the world really works and the depths of space and time.

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