Is oil too large of a part of our economy to get rid of it?



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    No.  Humans lived for centuries without it and without technology that can emulate it (electric cars, for example, that can run on solar power), so now that we have green technology, it’s only the fear of short-term economic losses that keep us from switching over.  I believe that if the human race is to survive, we have to remember that NOTHING is “too big to fail,” including the planet itself if we continue to destroy it.

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    I agree with Kasey in my heart… and if I could flip a switch and have everyone who is employed by the oil industry and all the infrastructure that has been built up to support the oil industry just magically turn over to alternative energy jobs and support structures, then I definitely would. But the truth of the matter is that in a way Oil is too large of a part of the economy right now to just get rid of it (although this is certainly not to our benefit in the long run—- Kasey’s comment about short terms economic losses is accurate — but it isn’t just the fear it is the reality of those economic losses)—- You will never convince an oil tycoon billionaire to shut down his or her business altogether for more reasons than just because they are greedy…. what about all the jobs that would be lost when these employees found out that their boss had a sudden change of heart?  So my point is this… oil is so huge right now and so heavily relied upon, that yes it is too large a part of the economy (too many people rely on it for work and their financial security) to just get rid of it over night… What we have to do is figure out how to TRANSITION people from the oil industry into different fields of energy production and use! We need to one day pass a law code that makes it much more financially rewarding to do what is also rewarding for the environment and in the long run human health as well (invest in alternative energy, get away from fossil fuels/ oil consumption). So I say the answer is Yes right now, (sadly) but soon it will definitely be changing for the better! And Oil will be replaced or phased out as the majority (and the stock holders) begin to realize the impacts of continued use of fossil fuels on the environment and human well-being. 

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    I agree with discdoggie in that its not about how large our use is of oil, it is a limited resource that will eventually run out at some time. Oil not only pollutes heavily, but is of limited quantity. Eventually, whether by choice or not, a transition to a more sustainable and available resource will have to be made. The oil executives will not be happy with this, but it will probably come down to a choice of whether humans live or we continues to use dirty and unsustainable energy.

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    While the transition to an economy without an oil supply and market is eventually inevitable, oil (sadly) is far too large a part of our economy to simply eliminate.  Rather than just “get rid of it,” we can facilitate incremental shifts away from oil dependency by developing alternative energy sources. 

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