IS the oil spill worse than the garbage patches in the ocean?



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    That’s debatable… I think the answer is probably yes, but no one has been able to assess the final impact of either of these environmental situations (calamnities)… The oil spill is washing up on the shore and killing living organisms at an alarming rate. The garbage circle in the pacific causes damage also, but in the near term, the oil spill is causing more immediate / detrimental damage. The oil is destructive because it is so concentrated that when it gets on a living species that has no ability to “wash” itself, it is bound to become sick or at least hindered / harmed / hurt.  The garbage patches (and liter / pollution in local water ways) is definitely harmful as well, but I don’t think it regularly causes as much damage on a large scale. There is definitely a more immediate impact for the containment issue of the oil (something fish cannot breathe — they can swim around garbage, unfortunately, though it does get swallowed and cause fatalities)…. basically they are both terrible problems, each of which needs a solution (BADLY) only we have much less time to sort out and respond to the problem of the oil spill in the gulf. The garbage patches are the 25 – 50 year priority — we first need to sort out world hunger, energy demands (sustainable), poverty and many other major issues… our only HOPE is cooperation — TEAMWORK — communication — and Motive !  Idea sharing + positive intentions + action = change for the betterment of the human condition!


    Good question!

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