Is oil more important than water?



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    Great question. While both water and oil are very essential to our daily lives today, I would argue that water is more important. Oil is far more sought after on a political and economic level because it is a staple for the world’s energy and electricity, but it is not the only source of energy. Water can even be harnessed and used to supply energy as well. Water breathes life into all vegetation which then supplies us with food and oxygen. Also, water is the cornerstone of life on earth and is what allows all vegetation and wildlife (including us) to live. The world would not be crippled nearly as much if we exhausted the last drip of oil (which may someday happen) compared to the epic and total devastation that would be caused if the world lost all of it’s water. 

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    In my opinion, water is more important than oil because all living things need water in order to survive. Oil can be replaced with other sources, but water is irreplaceable. Oil is just something humans need or want to have because it brings in some much monetary value. 

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