Odwalla “gentle” pasteurization: marketing gimmick or real technology?

I bought a bottle of Odwalla Orange Juice this morning, and the label said the juice had been “gently pasteurized”. What does that mean? Are other things “harshly pasteurized”? I thought pasteurization meant heating the item in question up to a certain temperature for a certain number of seconds and that was that. Frankly, I felt that Odwalla was trying to BS me…..



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    When a company claims to do “gentle pasteurization,” it supposedly heats the product just enough so that it kills bacteria but not the natural enzymes and flavor. This is opposed to regular pasteurization, which is said to sometimes overheat the product and destroy flavor and nutrients. I say it’s half-marketing gimmick because the line because all juice companies want to optimize flavor while protecting against bacteria. On the other hand, I think that companies that do “regular” pasteurization err on the side of caution and, to kill all the bacteria, heat their juices for longer and at higher temperatures than Odwalla does, but at the cost of flavor.

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