Is the ocean the most difficult place to stay alive for a long time?



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    Well, certainly if you’re in the middle of the ocean without a place to land, you’ll likely die in a matter of hours, when you can no longer stay afloat. If you somehow manage to get stranded in outer space, you’d die in a couple of minutes from lack of air. You won’t last too long in a garage full of carbon monoxide, either. That’s all I can think of for now; it’s a rather morbid topic =/

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    Certainly. Unfortunately, this is a problem that most scuba divers encounter. The dangers of open water include dehydration, hypothermia, and of course sharks. A person can go four to eight weeks without food as long as they have water, but drinking sea water or salt water is never a good option since it ends up doing the opposite of hydrating you. Hypothermia would be pretty hard to handle especially if you’re trapped in cold water. Lastly, shark attacks – these attacks never end well.

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