Is the ocean less polluted in the middle of the ocean or along the coastlines?



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    Its gotta be along the coastlines. The only pollution the middle of the ocean has to deal with is from big ships, but this pollution is not nearly as bad as coastal pollution which includes runoff from inland industries as well as from trade ships if it is near a port city.

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    The Great Pacific Garbage Patch exists a thousand miles off the coast of California. It is a group of debris that has collected in the ocean, spanning hundreds upon hundreds of miles. Made up mostly of pieces of plastics, scientist have said it may be as big as Texas. Plastic in the middle of the ocean is a serious problem, killing many animals that eat it.

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    The concentration of pollution is higher near the coastlines, because they are the initial point source of pollution (such as storm water discharge, agricultural runoff and industrial dumping).  As these plumes dissipate, their concentration decreases so their presence is less felt in deeper waters.  However, many compounds (such as plastic remnants) can still be detected at the parts per million/billion level even in deep water areas thousands of miles from any coastline.

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