Is Ocean acidification caused from global warming?



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    Global warming has had a huge impact on ocean acidification. The ocean absorbs a lot of the CO2 that is released into the atmosphere. When CO2 dissolves in water it creates carbonic acid, and this is what is known as ocean acidification. It negatively effects many marine organisms.

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    Global warming and carbon emissions are huge contributers to the acidification of the oceans.  The ocean is the world’s largest carbon sink, and has so far absorbed almost 1/3 of emitted CO2.  However, the increased level of CO2 dissolved in the ocean water causes a reaction which reduces the ocean’s pH level, thereby acidifying it. This acidification is especially dangerous for animals that produce calcium carbonate based shells (such as corals) because the lack of ionized carbonate molecules make it much harder for them to form their bony exoskeletons.

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