Is Obama’s plan to build large solar farms in the southwest a good idea?



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    Any plan with renewable energy is a good idea. One of our main problems is that we consume a plethora of greenhouse gases such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Coal and oil are by far the biggest two; coal powers most power plants that provide electricity to homes. So if we can replace coal with energy such as solar, wind, or geothermal, then yes it is a good idea. The only flaw to Obama’s plan is that I do not feel that he threw enough money at the problem. But his plan is a start. More can be found at the link below, about what exactly the Obama plan aims to do.

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    Some types of solar energy harvesting technology may not be good for the southwest. There are already issues with water resources because it is an arid region, so solar projects that will require a lot of water may not be approved. Here is a NYT article about this topic.

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