Is Obama’s clean energy plan as green as he is making it out to be?



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    I would say no. Obama’s “green” energy plan involves a lot of “clean coal” and nuclear power. While nuclear power certainly emits less CO2 than traditional forms of energy-production, treatment and disposal of radioactive waste creates another environmental problem. Also, uranium mining is very harsh on the environment.

    Clean coal is a fallacy propogated by the coal industry. It’s a greenwashed industry based around decreasing the environmental impact of burning coal. Emissions can be reduced by washing the impurities from the coal before burning (which will then leave lagoons of impurity slurries) and other methods. These methods may make coal burn cleaner, but it neglects to face the fact that there is a finite source of coal, we are resorting to drastic methods to exploit that finite resource (see also: mountaintop removal) and creates further environmental problems.

    So no, I would not say that the “clean” energy plan is very clean at all.

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    Obama is deceiving the public on his “leftist” views of the environment. He is trying to balance the viewpoints of businesses and the environmental movement, while appearing to be green. This does not work because there are two distinct conflicts of interest taking place. 

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