Is Obama still excited about nuclear power?



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    It seems that Obama is still very interested in pursuing more nuclear options as power sources in the U.S., despite the effects of the earthquake on Japan. Instead of removing nuclear power sources because of a perceived threat, Obama sees the Japanese incident as an opportunity to learn how to better prepare against hazards and make nuclear energy safer. He sees nuclear power as a viable way to significantly reduce carbon emissions.

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    According to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Gregory Jaczko (Obama’s top nuclear regulator), the U.S. has a safety program in place that is designed to deal with earthquakes that may affect nuclear plants in the country.

    Obama believes that all energy sources have pros and cons, and nuclear energy is no different.

    However, Obama is going to face a challenge as countries decide to discontinue their nuclear power programs.  Germany, for instance, has decided that it will phase out its nuclear plants by the year 2022.  If other large industrial powers follow suit, Obama may have to reconsider his position.

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