Is Obama our first truly green president?



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    No, in fact there are others that have done a great deal. I don’t really want to compare them directly, but rather celebrate them in their own time. It’s anachronistic to wonder whey Teddy Roosevelt didn’t do anything about global warming directly, but he did preserve federal land for natural preserves.

    Carter also gets two thumbs up for funding the EPA, creating environmental laws and the Dept of Energy, Soil and Water Conservation Act, Surface Mining Control, Antarctic Conservation and more.

    Give Nixon his props too – no, not for conserving tape by erasing and reusing – but for Clean Air Act, the EPA, and a slew of laws that benefit the marine environment of his home state.

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    I agree with the previous answer: Roosevelt, Carter, and Nixon set the environmental standard, but hopefully Obama will be the greenest president yet.

    On the other hand, Ronald Regan gets a thumbs down for environmentalism. During the Carter administration solar panels were installed at the White House, but Regan took them down a few years later!!! The solar panels were out of use for many years but are now located at Unity College in Maine.

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