is nutrition a problem for kids?



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    In 2007, the CDC found that over 30% of children and teens ages 6-19 were either overweight or at risk of becoming overweight, a statistic that has tripled since 1980. This suggests that nutrition is not only a problem for kids, it is a new problem. With more and more children snacking on foods that are full of fat and sugar rather than protein and vitamins, kids are finding it easier to put on the pounds. The CDC also found that 1/3 of overweight children and adolescents were eating fast food once per day, food that has a low nutritional value. Coupled with low rates of exercise, poor nutrition in kids leads to obesity as a child, is likely to lead to adult obesity, and is associated with many diseases in childhood and adulthood.

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    Nutrition is a problem for kids because there are so many tasty foods out there that are hazardous to their health. Most products in the grocery store are loaded with fat, sugar, salt or some combination. These foods are taste good, but they are causing an obesity epidemic. Kids generally don’t want to eat vegetables or fruit when there are so many tasty options.

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         Good nutrition is especially important for children because they are still growing and developing.

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