Is the number of tigers left in the world dropping faster than any other animal on the endangered species list?



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    With only 3,200 tigers left in the wild, the tiger is the most endangered animal in the world.  Its population has declined 95% in the last century due to poaching for fur and parts to be used in traditional medicines, disruption of habitat, and climate change.  Illegal poaching continues, even on tiger reserves.

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    According to the World Wildlife Federation the tiger is no. 3 on the top ten most endangered species list, behind the giant panda and the black rhino. So compared to many other species that are endangered, the number of tigers left in the world are much smaller. Less than 6,000 tigers remain in the wild are left according to the WWF. These big cats are native to the tropical zones in Southeast Asia and the Far East. Many of these tiger are poached for body parts and bones used in Asian medicines.

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