number of miles of road in U.S.



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    The United States Highway Network is made up of 4 million miles of road.

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    The United States has 3,944,819 miles of roadways, of which 3,732,757 are paved. One percent (2,319,535 miles) of these roadways are interstate highways, and a total of 180,959 miles are part of the national highway system.

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    Road is often measured in “lane miles,” a lane mile refers to one mile of road in one lane. A 2 lane street that stretches for 2 miles is 2 lane miles.

    As of 2008, there were 8,483,969 lane miles of road in the US. Since it’s totally ‘in’ to compare things to how far away the moon is, that is enough to go to the moon and back over 17 times! Or circle the Earth over 340 times!

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