Is nuclear waste just as big of an issue as global warming?



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    Your question is a bit subjective, some people are more concerned with nuclear waste and others with global warming. Since this is the case I will provide you will some facts about both and you, yourself can make the decision of which is more important to you.

    Nuclear Waste Concerns

    • Most types of elements used in nuclear fission will be radioactive and harmful for up to 1 million years.
    • Placement of radioactive waste is important as it should never be placed near underground water or natural animal habitats
    • Proliferation, although the materials used for nuclear energy are “dirty” and not “meant” for use in nuclear weapons, the materials can still be used to power nuclear weapons.

    Global Climate Change

    • Increased sea levels
    • Rapid small species extinction
    • Rare plant extinction
    • Increased violent weather systems
    • Decreased agriculture productivity

    A very short list but hopefully you find this helpful.

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