Is Nuclear Power a Viable Option for Our Energy Needs?



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    That depends on who is mining the ore and where the waste is being stored. Nuclear power has historically been cheap in America due to the exploitation of Native Americans. However, it might not be so cheap if we asked educated people to mine it because they would demand better equipment to protect them from the radiation. It would also be a lot more expensive if we decided to store it in the middle of a rich neighborhood instead of Native American land because the people would demand that the energy company encase the waste in several meters of lead to prevent it from contaminating their children with radiation. If all the processes involved in nuclear power generation were taking place within a wealthy community and the monetary cost was still low, then I would think of it as a viable option for our energy needs. However, as it stands there are several hidden costs that we are not taking into account. I find it difficult to put a price on the life of a miner that I do not know who was underpaid for the danger of his job.

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