Is nuclear power safer than solar energy?



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    No. Solar energy is very safe – there is no waste to deal with, and solar panels aren’t very toxic. On the other hand, nuclear power has two problems – the nuclear waste, and the threat of an accident, the likes of Chernobyl or Three Mile Island. In recent years safety features in nuclear reactors are much better, and the likelihood of another accident happening is very unlikely. However, the waste is still a huge problem. Nuclear waste is radioactive and can be devastating to human and animal health. Additionally, nuclear byproducts can be used to make nuclear weapons if terrorists get their hands on it. These problems are why many people argue that nuclear power should be entirely scrapped in favor of safer options like solar.

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    Actually current solar panel design and manufacture are pretty harmful to the environment.  Powerful greenhouse gases are used in the construction of solar panels such as Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) which has a greenhouse potential 17000 times higher than carbon dioxide.  Solar panels are also constructed using heavy metals, from which toxins can leech into the soil and water supply, causing health problems for wildlife, humans, and crops if they are not properly disposed of; — they rarely are.

    Nuclear energy on the other hand, has no real greenhouse effect, and the danger of a catastrophic disaster such as the ones at Chernobyl and Three Mile Island is more a fear than a reality.  The disposal of waste is the only real threat posed by nuclear energy, but it is not a small one.  A lot of money, however, is being put into developing transmutation technologies (to convert hazardous material into less-hazardous or safe metals) and also other types of reactors that will potentially be able to use nuclear waste as fuel. 

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