Is nuclear power cheaper than renewable energy?



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    Though it’s a subjective question whether you consider nuclear power a “green” source of energy, what’s certain is that it is not a cheap source, and in many cases proves to be much more expensive than renewable power sources.  Building and operating a nuclear plant is incredibly expensive, and any large-scale nuclear program would have to be heavily dependant on government subsidies to survive.  Time and time again, construction costs for nuclear power plants have turned out to be much greater than originally estimated; construction costs for new plants in India, which has built some of the most recently-completed nuclear power plants, have averaged around 300% more than the originally proposed budget.  Despite all this, the nuclear industry has embarked on a well-funded campaign to convince US consumers that nuclear power makes economic sense.  The truth is that building a fleet of new plants would cost many millions of dollars that could have been spent on cleaner, cheaper sources of energy.

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