Now that there is water on the moon does that mean there may be life there?



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    Not necessarily. It is actually very unlikely that life of any kind would reside in the water on the moon. For one, the moon has only ice. Liquid water is needed for chemical reactions to occur for life. The moon has no atmosphere as well, exposing any possible life to high levels of damaging solar radiation. The implications of ice on the moon is that it is now a viable option for a sustainable lunar human occupied base.

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    Although human life itself is water based, other life forms could be based on different particles and entirely different materials than what we can think of. Thus, just because a planet had water does not necessarily mean it harbors life. Water on the moon breaks common conceptions that the moon is just a dry and deserted wasteland, and opens up the possibilities of future trips to the moon and the study of the water that is found there.

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    Planet Earth harbors life because we have multiple elements that allow that life to be possible such as oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide. Water alone cannot sustain life. Earth is also the perfect distance from the sun to allow life, making the planet not too hot and not too cold.

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